The hundred thousandth AfroxPac 35 has left the Afrox production line, confirming the emergency underground breather as the favoured self-contained self-rescuer (SCSR) used on South African mines.

The production of the milestone AfroxPac35 confirms the success Afrox has had in establishing itself in a market where it had no presence little more than a decade ago.

AfroxPac35 is an emergency-breathing device, which provides miners with a supply of life-saving oxygen in the event of an underground emergency, such as a fire, explosion or poisonous gas leak.

Afrox's general business manager safety, Mike Twine, said the production of the 100 000th AfroxPac35 was a credit to the Afrox self-rescue division development team and to customers who had shown faith in the innovative product.

\\$quot;AfroxPac35 emerged as the benchmark for SCSRs when, in September 2002, it became the first product of its type to comply with SANS 1737, the South African Bureau of Standards specification for SCSRs.

\\$quot;When we qualified for SANS 1737 - the most stringent SCSR specification in the world - we got a head start on our opposition and cemented our position as an international leader in SCSR development and manufacture.”

Afrox has since captured most of the South African market for SCSRs and is making progress in countries such as Australia, India, Zimbabwe and Botswana.