African Oxygen Limited (Afrox), a member of Tier One player The Linde Group, has developed an extensive range of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) gases for the food industry.

The component gases in the FoodFreshTM range include carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen (N2) and oxygen (O2), which has been designed to extend the shelf-life of all freshly packaged products. 

All the gases involved give 100% natural advantages to help inhibit food deterioration. N2 displaces the O2 where aerobic mechanisms can thrive as well as being an inert filler gas to prevent pack collapse. Additionally, the CO2 used stunts the growth of mould and aerobic bacteria.

Afrox map the road to safe fresh food 2 copy

Andisha Dukkaen, Product Manager, Scientific & Helium, Special Products & Chemicals at the South African-based enterprise, said, “FoodFresh is all about saving on losses due to spoilage, while preserving the fresh, natural, goodness of the food. No preservatives are required, as the MAP atmosphere protects the food against the specific spoilage mechanism typical to each type of packaged product.”

“By excluding ambient air that promotes oxidation, mould or bacterial growth, the food is protected from spoilage, while maintaining the natural colour and flavour expected by consumers.”

Special FoodFresh gas mixtures can be prepared for specific needs, which are then supplied in high-capacity, high-pressure steel cylinders.