The BOC South African subsidiary has been acknowledged by several of its customers as being a company that provides exceptional service.

The Company has recently received, among others, the annual Nando's Award for Outstanding Service, and the Bell Equipment Company Gold Award (Bell's highest award for service with performance ratings given each quarter for technical support, flexibility and savings initiatives) and was a finalist in the Toyota SA award for the Raw Materials Supplier of the Year.

In its move to become a more customer-centric company, in the past month Afrox has launched its CustomerFirst project, which was presented to all managers in southern Africa. Afrox's chief executive, Rick Hogben, who places service to customers right on top of the company's agenda, leads this project.

Rick Hogben said, \\$quot;The CustomerFirst initiative is not new to Afrox. It is a process that we have been addressing for the past three or four years in our quest to progress from being a product-centric organisation to a company that is both product- and customer-centric.

In the next few weeks this CustomerFirst programme will be cascaded to each and every Afrox employee. Peter Betch, senior general manager, sales and service, concludes that it is vital that all Afrox employees think and act in unison in providing quality customer service linked to world-class product service offers.

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