Higher material costs and increased demand has led to the increase in the deposit price for South African gas company Afrox.

The subsidiary of BOC has raised the price of Handigas cylinder deposits for the first time in 15 years due to increased production costs. The main areas attributing to the increase are from the steel and labour side of the manufacturing process. Stringent maintenance standards and committed safety checks of each time a cylinder is filled are also said to be causes of the rise.

As of Friday 6 May 2005, the deposit on all sizes of Handigas cylinders increased to 150 Rand ($22.50).

Commenting on the rise, Gavin Turner, General Manager of Handigas said, “High demand for Handigas cylinders during the winter months does put pressure on cylinder supplies when demand reaches a peak. We therefore encourage our customers to return excess Handigas cylinders to any Afrox branch or Gas & Gear sales centres of Afrox stockists for the full deposit refund.\\$quot;