Welding brands Harris, IBEDA and Oerlikon have been incorporated into Afrox’s mainstream range of products, making their range accessible via all Afrox branches, in addition to selected Gas & Gear retail outlets.

The move follows a corporate restructuring within Afrox, which saw its historic Amalgamated Welding and Cutting (AWC) operation adopted into the company’s national footprint.

Oerlikon is a premium brand of welding consumables for applications ranging from mild steel to specialised material such as creep resistant, stainless and nickel based consumables. The range includes MMA electrodes, MIG and TIG wire, sub arc wire and fluxes, in addition to a range of seamless flux cored wire.

From the 1970s Afrox was granted exclusive rights to distribute Harris gas equipment throughout sub-Saharan Africa. By the 1990s, Afrox acquired rights across the same region for the IBEDA brand of flashback arrestors.

Oerlikon, Harris and IBEDA customers can now enjoy centralised service through Afrox’s national warehouse and distribution network.