A new, revolutionary technology that drastically cuts the chilling time of sauce from hours to just minutes is now available in South Africa from African Oxygen Limited (Afrox).

Developed by Afrox’s parent company The Linde Group, the patent-pending ACCU-CHILL® SC inline sauce cooling technology uses liquid nitrogen (N2) to rapidly chill hot liquid foods for the ready meals sauce market.

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Source: Afrox

The ACCU-CHILL® SC inline sauce cooling system.

The new, streamlined device has been designed to increase production capacity and improve product quality by using cryogenic injector technology to insert extremely cold liquid N2 directly into hot, cooked sauce in mixing containers.

Without reducing the sauce to freezing levels, the subsequent mixture of gas and sauce is transferred to a degassing vessel where the N2 is vented before being pumped into packaging.

The major components of the ACCU-CHILL SC inline sauce cooling system are a manifold, phase-separator and chilling injector that can be connected to hot sauce production lines. Gaseous N2 is then used to purge the lines and the injector after chilling to ensure that no product residue remains in the system.

Afrox’s Applications Specialist Hendrik Pretorius explained, “In addition to reducing the cooling time which reduces bacteria growth during processing, and a lower capital investment cost for the processing line, the ACCU-CHILL SC inline sauce cooling technology eliminates the use of water in the cooling process and reduces sanitation time due to elimination of heat exchangers.”