A focused, client-oriented approach to gas service and supply is fundamental to meeting the requirements of the laser cutting industry, according to Afrox.

The company is currently enjoying market-beating growth, mainly as a result of the development of a solution that meets the needs of the individual user, says Afrox market development manager, Carté Lubbe.
$quot;The manner in which gases are applied, be they Laser Helium, Laser CO2, Laser Nitrogen or premix Lasermix, is almost as important in their purity and formulation. When addressed in combination, attention to these factors help prevent industry-specific problems such as damage to laser cutting machine lenses and production losses,$quot; he says.

Afrox's novel approach to gas supply to the laser cutting industry forsakes a national distribution approach, and instead makes use of an industry-specific service. In fact, the Afrox model has proved to be so effective that the concept is being adopted by other companies within The Linde Group.