Afrox-owned African Welding Company (AWC) has widened its distribution of the Böhler Welding (Böhler) range of products across the African continent.

With AWC as its principal distributor, the decision to expand follows its participation in a joint venture with South African gas giant Afrox which resulted in Böhler holding the majority share and full management responsibility at the Brits consumables factory.

As a ‘separate entity’ to Afrox, AWC has taken up a position exclusively dedicated to the Böhler product range, a position strengthened by AWC’s connections with Afrox.

Gerhard van Wyk, Head, AWC.

Gerhard van Wyk, Head, AWC.

Stating that the company operates independently of Afrox, Gerhard van Wyk, Head of AWC, added, “We go to market with a world-class Böhler product that can compete against all other quality brands of welding consumables and equipment, including Afrox,”

A nationwide delivery and collection network has been provided to AWC through an arrangement to use the facilities at 11 local Afrox outlets. These will house Böhler products available for click-and-collect or direct delivery.

The AWC network could see further expansion following negotiations with several Afrox and Linde outlets across Africa.

A wider appeal for the Böhler range could also be seen with its recent launch of a ‘competitively priced’ general purpose range of electrodes and consumables, including the AWS E6013 General Purpose MMA Electrodes and the low hydrogen Böhler AWS E7018 Electrodes.

The company also provides consumables for the oil and gas, power and nuclear industries, in addition to welding wires for both general purpose and specialised use, such as robotic and mechanised applications.

Van Wyk implied that AWC’s global network allowed for sourcing of products from around the world.

“The UTP high-end products and solutions tend to be manufactured in Germany, but we can also access more economical products from Asia, while the Brits factory offers an increasingly important localisation opportunity for products manufactured in Africa,” he said.

With its admittedly small but dedicated team, Van Wyk praised the company and its ‘extensive network’.

“With these relationships in place, we can compete with the best in the world,” he added.