African Oxygen Limited (Afrox), the leading gases provider in sub-Saharan Africa, has developed a unique and fully integrated end-to-end product service offering (PSO) for the global gold mining industry to optimise metallurgical gold leach using oxygen (O2).

Called Goldox™, the PSO provides: an O2 demand test programme for specifying the O2 demand requirements; the supply of oxygen using Linde Engineering’s proprietary state-of-the-art onsite Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA) technology; supply, install and commission of the O2 reticulation network, flow control panels with safety interlocks and the O2 injection system; on-going maintenance and downstream O2 control management if required; and provision of a highly flexible commercial structure for the supply of O2 to the mine over an agreed period.

“The supply of oxygen to the gold leach needs to be supplemented by an efficient injection system to ensure optimum oxygen utilisation in the slurry, otherwise the benefit of the oxygen injection may be limited,” explains Rob de Zoeten, Metallurgist at Afrox.

Afrox, a member of The Linde Group, will also, through Linde Engineering, manufacture, supply, deliver, install and commission plants throughout Africa and will operate and maintain these plants to supply O2 to its customers.

Andy Gouws, Afrox’s Commercial and Business Development Manager for Africa, notes, “Afrox is able to offer a highly flexible commercial build, own and operate supply scheme, where it invests in the VPSA plant and supplies O2 over the fence to its customers to provide an uninterrupted supply of O2 over an agreed contract period.”

“The VPSA plant will be manned by experienced and trained operators. In addition, the plant will be remotely monitored from Afrox’s control centre in South Africa for trouble-shooting and to ensure high reliability of supply to its customers.”

Afrox and Linde Engineering have built up a strong brand reputation for its VPSA technology, utilising high quality components, and has considerable expertise in the safe, reliable and cost-effective operation of PSA and VPSA plants over many years with more than 700 reference sites including the largest single train VPSA plant in the world.


Source: Afrox