Afrox has introduced a new lightweight oxygen cylinder, with an integrated valve regulator (IVR), which is revolutionising portable oxygen delivery for emergency services.

Afrox product manager medical gases, Gordon Blair, said the new IVR 480 cylinders were a vast improvement over existing heavy, steel cylinders, which require the fitment of a separate regulator before they can be used.

\\$quot;The new cylinder is 60 per cent lighter than the conventional steel cylinder and the integrated valve regulator incorporated in the design represents a step-change in terms of improved patient safety and ease-of-use for emergency personnel,\\$quot; Mr Blair said.

\\$quot;Our parent company, the BOC Group of the UK, has incorporated a Kevlar-wrapped aluminium cylinder into the design. This cylinder is filled to a pressure of 230 bar, enabling us to increase the amount of gas contained in the cylinder by more than 40 per cent over conventional cylinders.\\$quot;

The IVR480, which won a Design Institute South Africa (DISA) design excellence award in 2004, has usage times of four hours at flow rates of 2l per minute, and 32 minutes at flow rates of 15l per minute.

\\$quot;The integrated valve regulator incorporates the internationally-renowned Afrox encapsulated valve and sintered filter, contributing significantly to the safety and usability of the IVR 480,\\$quot; Mr Blair said.