Afrox has reported what it describes as an ‘unprecedented’ 15% growth in its Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) business over the previous quarter.

Announcing the news in late 2009 (September), Afrox notes that the strong growth indicates an increasing recognition within the South African food sector that MAP technology can add real value in terms of reducing spoilage and increasing shelf life.

This is especially relevant for smaller industries and outlets, added Afrox Speciality Gases’ Manager, Robert Carlton-Shields.

All food is susceptible to deterioration, gradual loss of flavour, loss of colour and microbial spoilage. Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) can protect the food from these effects, decelerate deterioration and extend shelf life dramatically. MAP packaging is easy and economical, without the need for vacuum packaging.

An added advantage is that no artificial preservatives or freezing is required.