After the 8th European Development fund agreed to finance the purchase of new equipment for extended mine life in the threatened BCL Mine in Botswana, the tender for the supply of 3,335 AfroxPac 35\\$quot;s was awarded to Afrox\\$quot;s safety self-rescue division.

BCL Limited, the largest hard rock mine in Botswana, is the first mine in Botswana to supply all its workers with AfroxPac 35\\$quot;s.

The AfroxPac 35 is an emergency-breathing device, which provides miners with a supply of life-saving oxygen in the event of an underground emergency, such as a fire, explosion or poisonous gas leak.

It emerged as the benchmark for self-contained self-rescuers when, in September 2002, it became the first product of its type to comply with SANS 1737, the SA Bureau of Standards specification for -contained self-rescuers.