Afrox’s Specialised Markets division will be showcasing its range of high purity calibration gases, specialised regulators and tailor-made installation packages at this year’s Lab Africa exhibition.

Held in Johannesburg from 15th to 17th August, the exhibition will see Afrox showcasing its customised solutions for laboratories from manufacture and supply to installation, backed by technical expertise gained through decades of experience in the gases industry.

Head of Specialised Markets at Afrox, Andisha Dukkan, said that Afrox’s specialised gases division is unique in its service offering.

“With laboratories under growing pressure to not only to stay abreast of the latest analytical methods, but also to manage costs through efficiency gains, Afrox is committed to helping customers meet their productivity aims by delivering precisely what they need, when and where they need it,” Dukkan explained, adding, “We are a member of the international Linde Group and if a customer cannot source what they are looking for amongst our made-to-order gas mixtures, we can still procure it for them through our association with Linde.”

“Afrox also operates a user-friendly order system making it easy for customers to make purchases, supported by highly skilled technical and application specialists offering expert advice and training, most notably in the safe handling and use of specialised gas products and equipment.”

The company will use Lab Africa as a platform to highlight their training programmes such as the Laboratory Gas Safety Course that equips learners with a broad field of knowledge, beginning with understanding the manufacturing and filling process of gas cylinders and the properties and relationships of high quality gas, through to the associated hazards and necessary precautions that need to be taken. Important practical information such as the difference between single and multi-stage regulators, correct protective clothing, and plans in the event of an emergency are also covered in the course.

Afrox is southern Africa’s leading supplier of high purity gases and gas mixtures, with a product range that covers every possible application, ranging from automotive and power through to petrochemicals and environmental protection as well as testing labs at research institutions and food processing plants.