Afrox, the leading industrial gases and welding equipment supplier in South Africa, will unveil its latest technological developments in the mining, petrochemical, transport and power generation sectors at the Electra Mining exhibition later this year.

The South African unit will demonstrate its AfroxPac 35i – a self-contained, closed-circuit oxygen (O2) breathing apparatus designed for escape from O2-deficient atmospheres.

The instrument uses a bi-directional rebreathing system, so exhaled gas passes through the carbon dioxide (CO2) removal and O2 generation canisters twice before O2-rich gas then returns to the operator.

On average, the device is used up to one million man-hours every day in the South African mining sector, primarily due to its specialised, compact design, allowing it to be carried continuously on the user’s person.

The company will also showcase its recent developments in cylinder control management and tracking solutions, automated welding and hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) recycling at the convention.

Kalahari scientist jonathan hartley and his assistant molehfi mc lean

Kalahari Scientist Jonathan Hartley and his assistant Molehfi McLean

In addition, science show demonstrator Jonathan Hartley, whose stage name is the ‘Kalahari Scientist’ (left), will provide interactive science lessons at Afrox’s booth using hydrogen (H2), O2, nitrogen (N2) and propane.

Dhevan Moodley, head of Afrox’s Integrated Customer Solutions, commented, “Our customers are under constant pressure to improve their efficiencies and Afrox recognises that to add value means understanding their operations and processes to offer services and products that are meaningful and beneficial to their needs.”


Afrox will be joined by sister company Linde Engineering South Africa at Electra Mining 2016, which takes place at the Nasrec Expo Centre from 12th-16th September in Johannesburg.