Afrox has unveiled the Genie Helium N6.0 speciality gas with a guaranteed minimum purity of 99.9999%.

The new gas is a certified Helium N6.0 product, and also offers smart technology and portability in a revolutionary new packaging.

The Genie Helium N6.0

The Genie Helium N6.0

Source: Afrox

Andisha Dukkan, Head of Specialised Markets for Afrox, says that Helium N6.0 is supplied by Afrox’s parent company Linde in Europe and represents the highest purity gas ever manufactured by the enterprise, with Afrox at the forefront of launching this precision enabling gas in South Africa.

The total amount of impurities in Helium N6.0 is below 1 part per million, making it as close as possible to pure helium and the ideal carrier gas to achieve accurate analytical and laboratory results.

Dukkan notes that in a radical departure from standard steel cylinders, Helium N6.0 will be supplied in the new Genie cylinder, a steel lined carbon fibre wrapped pressure vessel, encased in a tough, all-weather, recyclable high density polyethylene jacket. The cylinder features a built-in digital intelligence unit display, which indicates levels of usage and remaining gas, and has a low contents alarm which sounds when gas levels are dwindling.

The 20 litre Genie cylinder with a fill pressure of 200 bar and also features gas identification rings with colour coding that allows for easy recognition of gas types. The Genie cylinder weighs only 22 kg which is significantly lighter than the standard 20 litre cylinders while their wider construction makes them more stable and minimises the risk of cylinders accidentally falling over. Optional extendable handle units further increase their portability.