Showcasing its racing livery and the way in which the company promotes itself through sport and leisure, Afrox wowed the crowds at the gasworld conference in South Africa with the display of the Team Afrox BMW 330i production car.

The racing vehicle was proudly displayed at the conference as part of the African company’s sponsorship of the event, and accompanied a promotional booth and bright, attractive colours.

Sponsoring Team Afrox is a prime example of the way in which gas companies in Africa can use sport and leisure activities to grow and promote their products and brands. Afrox ensured the car was delivered to the Misty Hills Country Hotel complex venue as it proudly paraded its racing relationship.

The gasworld African Conference 2008 got off to a roaring start during the Pre-registration evening last night and this was smoothly followed by the opening of the eagerly-waited event this morning, by the Southern Africa Compressed Gases Association’s (SACGA) Albert Spencer and guest speaker Kuseni Dlamini.

Sponsors, speakers, hosts and other delegates alike have enjoyed a thoroughly successful conference so far as the industrial gas community attempts to address the challenges faced in the African gases market and the potential for growth that exists across the continent.

A number of decorative and highly informative promotional spaces have attracted widespread attention, with booths occupied by Inox India, Herose, Global Gases, Cryorentals, and Afrox among many others.

Speaking of the event’s resounding success so far, gasworld Conference Manager Sharon Sandercock said, “It’s been a great day so far and we’re all looking forward to what should be a stunning Gala Dinner event this evening. Let’s hope that tomorrow is just as successful as the groundbreaking event continues to unfold during day two.”