Industrial gas provider AGA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Linde Group, has brought the largest and most modern hydrogen (H2) production plant in its history on-stream.

The SMR will produce 44,800 Nm3 per hour of H2 for the Neste Porvoo refinery located in Porvoo, Finland – around a fifth of the total H2 capacity needed by the refinery to produce sulphur-free diesel products and basic oils.

AGA’s Account Manager Tonnage Kosti Jylhä enthused, “It makes me proud that Neste has chosen AGA as its partner. Our collaboration during the project has been seamless and I am looking forward to meeting the expectations Neste has for both our facility concept and us in the future.”

The facility has been designed by Linde Engineering and built by AGA, whilst Neste has installed the necessary underground pipes and electrical lines between the old and new refinery. The unit will be operated and monitored remotely from Linde’s monitoring centre in Germany.

Plans of the €100m ($109.7m) investment were first announced in April, 2014. This new unit replaces an older Neste production facility in the same area and increases the refinery’s capacity to produce H2.

The plant commissioning affirms the expansion of the companies’ existing supply relationship at the Porvoo site. Linde already provides Neste Oil with air gases and obtains off-gas CO2 in return for subsequent purification.

Aga hydrogen unit porvoo finland 2

Source: AGA