Industrial gas company AGA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Linde Group, has finished an extensive renewal project in Finland.

The project included renewing its two existing ASUs in Harjavalta Industrial Park, as well as moving one entire plant from Hanko to Harjavalta. The hydrogen (H2) production unit in the Industrial Park has also been completely renewed. The units are remote controlled from Germany and Sweden.

The renewal project is based on earlier long term deals AGA has made with Boliden Harjavalta Oy and Norilsk Nickel Harjavalta Oy. The total worth of the investments is €40m ($48m).

The equipment left unused since the shutdown of Hanko Koverhar air gas plant was fully relocated and re-used at the new location. The decision to re-use equipment is quite exceptional in the field globally, and signals ecological awareness.

aga harjavalta

Source: AGA

Site Manager at AGA Harjavalta, Harri Lindqvist, said, “Moving the plant was especially challenging because the air gas production at the Harjavalta unit was not interrupted for the duration of the move. The work was done with plants running nearby. Nevertheless, the relocation was 100% successful.”

Exclusive: AGA discusses the reasons behind the recent renewal of its gas factories in Finland

One of the greatest reforms when it comes to the H2 Production Unit is the switch in raw material from naphtha to liquefied natural gas (LNG). In addition to being more environmentally friendly and energy efficient, it is also safer to use.

The Harjavalta air separation units form the largest single oxygen production unit in the Nordic countries. Most of the oxygen (O2), nitrogen (N2) and argon (Ar) produced in Harjavalta is used in the processes of metal and paper industries. In addition to being controlled remotely, the unit is staffed around the clock to ensure usability.

Kosti Jylhä, Account Manager On-Site at AGA, states that the five-year project of renewing the Harjavalta units has now come to its conclusion. “This is clearly an investment to the future. The new units have a larger production capacity than before, and with the help of these renewals we can secure the necessary volume in gas production for the companies we co-operate with until the 2030’s. It feels great to cross the finish line on this project”, Jylhä continues.