AGA strengthens its position in the speciality gases business by opening a new facility in Enköping, Sweden.

\\$quot;Through our new facility we are able to improve our operations and increase speciality gases availability in Scandinavia,\\$quot; said Patrik Flygar, AGA North Europe\\$quot;s marketing manager.

He continued: \\$quot; Speciality gases, which can be used for example in calibration, are extremely pure gases and gas mixtures.\\$quot;

The entire operations of the old speciality gas facility, which used to locate near Sweden\\$quot;s capital city Stockholm, has moved to the new location. The new facility enables the company to produce even purer and more complicated products that the company previously used to import from Germany. The purity level is expected to reach 99,99999 per cent.

The move to Enköping also means logistical benefits for AGA because the facility will also serve customers from other Nordic and Baltic countries. This also enables shorter delivery times.

AGA\\$quot;s Riihimäki, Finland, facility also manufactures speciality gases, for example 99,9996 per cent pure helium.