Following the launch of its NovaCHROM, NovaPRO and NovaAIR gas chromatograph (GC) series, advanced gas analysis solutions provider AGC Instruments Ltd. is seeking added distributors to facilitate its business growth.

Under its expansion period, AGC designed the ranges with the latest technological advancements such as TrendVision software, carrier gas purifiers and handheld analysers to provide a full suite of gas analysis solutions.

Distributors would receive support from ACG engineers as well as sales, after sales assistance and maintenance contracts.

Marcus Creaven, Managing Director of the Ireland-based business, has overseen the development of increasingly automated GC equipment needed to fulfil the expanding market. He commented, “Each instrument is designed and tested to the customer’s specifications and the process is made as straightforward and in-depth as possible to achieve the expected results.”

“We believe that our after sales support to the customer is one of the most important services we can offer and finding the right partner is important for us,” he added.