Total gas analysis solutions provider AGC Instruments has launched a new range of compact gas chromatographs to efficiently monitor industrial processes.

The NovaAIR GC is a series of complete and self-contained gas chromatograph systems with small footprints and rugged industrial hardware including operating systems.

Featuring modern, embedded computer controls, instruments in the range utilise the TrendVision software platform and display all digital temperature, pressure and flow measurements on 10-inch touch screens.

Each detector facilitates gas analysis from percentage to parts per minute (ppm) to parts per billion (ppb).

The first model in the range to be introduced is the NovaAIR 3000 GC which was developed for methane/non-methane hydrocarbon analysis, including ambient air monitoring at industrial installations.

Utilising a flame ionisation detector (FID), the system is primarily used for hydrocarbon analysis with heated and non-heated versions available for applications such as stack gas and volatile organic compounds (VOC) analysis.

The NovaAIR 4000 GC uses a thermal conductivity detector (DID) to analyse components in multiple gas mixtures at percentage and ppm levels, including measuring helium in neon, argon and nitrogen in oxygen and ppm impurities in argon.