China Valves Technology Inc, engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of high quality metal valves for the petroleum, chemical, water and gas industries, has retained CCG Elite to design and execute its investor relations campaign and expects to further enhance its profile, while continuing to focus on developing new product innovations.

China Valves reaches over 400 industrial clients located primarily in the south eastern coastal region of China and exports to the rest of Asia and Europe, with a strong history in the design and production of valves for a multitude of industries.

Speaking of the company’s announcement, Siping Fang, chairman and CEO of China Valves, commented, “We look forward to working with CCG Elite to increase our visibility in the investment community and financial media while we execute our growth strategy. Our company has a history of being the first in China to produce a number of high quality, sophisticated valves for various industries. We expect to continue developing newer, stronger and more efficient valves that we will sell to China’s growing industrial base and export markets.”

Crocker Coulson, president of CCG Elite, was equally enthusiastic as he said, “China Valves is a leading firm in the Chinese metal valves industry. The company is well positioned to take advantage of increasing demand for industrial valves in China. We intend to develop an integrated investor relations programme for the company to enhance its profile in the investment community.”