The Asia Industrial Gases Association (AIGA) reaches a new milestone this month as the organisation meets for the 50th time.

Since its formation in 2002, the association has never missed a meeting, showing its commitment to safety by all the senior management from member companies who sit in the Board.

Established by leading industrial gases producers operating in Asia, AIGA is a technical and safety oriented organisation with the purpose of promoting safety, health, environmental awareness and security in the areas of manufacturing and use of industrial gases.

Based in Singapore, it aims to foster the exchange of technical information among its members in the safe handling and use of industrial, medical and carbon dioxide gases, and to have close liaison with national authorities, in order to work towards the highest level of safety and environmental care across Asian countries.

AIGA actively participates in the harmonization of standards across the gas industry on a global level with other gases associations in Europe, Japan and the United States.

Wilbur Mok of Air Products is currently President of the board. The full board member list is as below:

President: Wilbur Mok (Air Products)

Vice-President: John Panikar (Praxair)

Secretary: Norikazu Ishikawa (TNSC)

Treasurer: Dr. Werner Hickel (Messer China)

Members: Sanjiv Lamba (Linde Gas Asia), Makoto Horiguchi (Iwatani Corporation) and Francois Abrial (Air Liquide)

Ex-officio members: Haris Farooqi- [chairman of Technical Committee] (Air Products Asia) and Milan Sarkar (AIGA Secretary General)