The Asia Industrial Gases Association (AIGA) reached a new landmark last month when its Technical Committee met for the 50th time.

The committee provides technical guidelines and directions to various working groups of experts drawn from AIGA’s member companies.

It has been meeting three times a year since 2002 and rotates the venue between various Asian countries. Wherever the event is held, the respective country’s gases association becomes a co-host and participates in the committee.

Detailed discussions are held over two days on various safety and regulatory issues that require the focus of the gases industry in Asia. Accidents/incidents in the region are also discussed and how they can be learnt from, AIGA publications are reviewed, AIGA strategies are discussed and a future direction is suggested for the various technical work groups.

The 50th meeting was held with Siam Industrial Gases Association at the Hotel Dusit Princess Srinakarin in Bangkok.

Source: AIGA

AIGA Technical Committee and Siam Industrial Gases Association

Milan Sarkar, AIGA Secretary General, said there were very good discussions on some of the areas in safety that remained to be key concerns in Asia.

At the 50th meeting, members of the Technical Committee looked at process safety issues and opportunities for the industrial gas Industry.

There was also much discussion on preventing high severity product vehicle accidents, including roll overs, through analysis of the data to find out root causes.

The use of modern technologies, such as in vehicle camera, roll stability systems, real time driver fatigue monitoring, and human factors in driving safety were also discussed.

Sarkar said the team is also currently looking at preventing workers’ injuries in manual handling of gas cylinders and portable liquid cylinders which is still in practice in most countries in Asia.

Commenting on the milestone event, Sarkar told gasworld, “I congratulate the Technical Committee members of AIGA for achieving this milestone.”

“Face to face meetings are key to AIGA wherein the Technical Committee reviews and suggests improvements based on learning, promotes the best global practices and safety regulations.”

“The committee remains committed to the Mission of AIGA and contributed immensely to the success of AIGA under the guidance of Board.”

The 51st Technical Committee meeting will be held in Kuala Lumpur in May (2019) with Malaysian Industrial Gas Manufacturers Association (MIGMA) as the host.