gasworld has recently visited AIGCO, in the UAE, which is one of the leading producers and distributors of industrial gases, special gases and welding supplies in the country.

The company was established almost 30 years ago and is a subsidiary of the Kuwait Oxygen and Acetylene Company (KOAC). KOAC\\$quot;s group of companies is the largest independent supplier of gases in the region - operating in Kuwait, Jordan, Syrian and Oman. A fi lling facility has recently been commissioned in Islamabad, Pakistan.

AIGCO itself remains focused on supplying and developing services for both the industrial and medical sectors. The company has experienced robust and sustainable growth over the past five years and has invested in new production facilities in the Dubai area. It business has been boosted by the huge construction activity in the Emirates \\$quot;“ particularly in Dubai.

"We are very optimistic about the prospects for the local market with new applications, increasing consumption of merchant gases by mid-sized companies and a healthy growth in liquid gases."

AIGCO is committed to being the leader in this market by selling service not products. The Middle Eastern market is characterised by small companies selling into a fragmented market. "We believe consolidation is inevitable as the industrial gases industry responds to the challenges the market presents, with the industrial gases market experiencing change with higher customer expectations, new applications and a more sophisticated market. Rest assured, AIGCO is in the vanguard of these welcome changes," stated Mr Skaf.

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