Seven members of the Arabian Industrial Gases Co. workforce celebrated 25 years of service with the company in January 2007.

At an award ceremony during a desert safari party, managing director Walid El Kouatly and general manager Naji Skaf, the hosts of the ceremony, presented the long serving employees with awards and formal acknowledgment of their contribution to the company.

$quot;The rewards were small tokens of AIGCO's appreciation for the huge contribution these individuals have made to the company over the past 25 years,$quot; said Anbu Jayaseelan Anbalagan, technical manager.

AIGCO is a 27 year old industrial gas manufacturer based in the United Arab Emirates. As part of the Huneidi Group, the largest industrial gas manufacturer in the gulf, AIGCO has been able to expand its customer base and product portfolio over the years while always ensuring the highest standards of safety, quality and reliability.