Air Liquide’s consolidated sales reached 7,608 million euros, an increase of +11.2 per cent, 30 September 2005.

On a comparable basis (excluding foreign exchange, natural gas and perimeter effect), this increase was +5.9 per cent.

In the third quarter, consolidated sales amounted to 2,566 millions euros, an increase of +8.9%. On a comparable basis, the rise was +5.4 per cent.

Benoît Potier, chairman of the management board of Air Liquide, said: “Further progress from our activities in the third quarter brings our sales growth at the end of September to +11.2 per cent, with dynamic performance in Asia and a recovery in Japan, a continued favourable environment in industrial and electronics markets in the Americas, and performance in Europe driven principally by innovative products and services.

“Hydrogen consumption for refining and chemicals, demand for services in healthcare and increased production capacity in new territories continue to give momentum to our growth. This is reflected in very high levels of activity in our engineering businesses and the signing of numerous contracts which will underpin the group’s ongoing development in the months and years to come.

“In this context, excluding any significant exceptional items, we maintain our double digit net earnings growth target for 2005.”

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