Air Liquide America L.P. has announced price increases for their gases and cylinder customers

Prices for oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen will increase 8 to 15 percent; acetylene, argon and argon mixes will increase 15 to 20 percent; helium, helium mixes, krypton and xenon will increase 20 to 40 percent. Cylinder rental and other fees will be raised 10 to 20 percent.

These actions are being implemented in response to high capacity utilization, rising raw material, energy and distribution costs, and to support re-investment in cylinders, production and distribution equipment. In certain appropriate instances, price adjustments may be higher or lower than these ranges.

Said Kim Denney, president of Air Liquide American L.P. said, $quot;We are committed to ongoing productivity initiatives and re-investment in our business to help offset costs and support our growing customer base. These price increases are necessary to help ensure continued reliability of supply and high levels of service to customers.$quot;

Price increases will be effective immediately or as existing customer contract terms and conditions allow.