Air Liquide Italy Production has successfully completed a project to upgrade and optimise the production capacity of gaseous oxygen (O2) installed at the Acciaierie Bertoli Safau (ABS) plant in Pozzuolo del Friuli, Italy.

Strongly supported by both Air Liquide and ABS, the project guarantees considerable environmental and local benefits and has strengthened the partnership between the two industrial companies, which has been extended for the next decade.

Having been partners for more than 20 years, Air Liquide Italy and ABS, a steel company belonging to the Danieli Group, recently renewed the O2 supply contract at the plant in Pozzuolo del Friuli.

The signing of this renewal is the result of the joint efforts of both companies for an industrial solution that leads to significant savings that will allow the site to remain competitive for the next decade.

In particular, the upgrade of the installation allows greater production efficiency and integration of the site within the supply chain, consequently reducing the mileage of trucks and tankers.

The new production structure guarantees significant benefits in terms of safety, traffic and environmental impact, thanks to the elimination of the transit of about 200 articulated vehicles a year, with an estimated saving in terms of kilometers equal to about 80,000 km; a reduction in CO2 emissions of 65 tonnes per year was also estimated, as well as nitrogen oxides and fine dust.

In terms of digitisation, the profitable cooperation between Air Liquide Italy and ABS allowed to realise an ad hoc system of real-time monitoring and alerting, with consequent improvement of the safety and continuity of the ABS production process.

“We are extremely satisfied with the activities carried out for the installation of the two new gaseous buffers dedicated to the ABS customer, and are proud of the benefits that such manufacturing changes will guarantee in terms of safety, efficiency, reliability and, obviously, of the impact environmental, “said Roberto Valzasina, Commercial Director of the Large Industries Business Line of Air Liquide in Italy.

“The project we have carried out with Air Liquide Italy goes in the direction of sustainability for ABS. In fact, for us in ABS sustainability is a value: we have chosen it as one of the cornerstones of our work and for this we have implemented it with method and organization. Making our processes more efficient, both in terms of reducing emissions and optimizing resources, are challenges that have been part of our way of thinking and doing business for years,” said Giuseppe Giacomini, Director of the ABS plant.