As the numerous vehicles dedicated to sustainable mobility rolled in to the Champ de Mars by Eiffel Tower to demonstrate the future challenges of clean mobility, the Michelin Challenge Bibendum 2006 was officially opened to the general public.

Last weekend witnessed some 75 cars powered by fuel cells, electricity, CNG and LPG sliding in to be inspected and discussed by thousands of Parisians, tourists, experts, worldwide media and the top management of companies such as Air Liquide, Michelin and Chrysler Daimler.

Among the drivers of the \\$quot;˜green\\$quot; vehicles was Air Liquide\\$quot;s chairman Benoit Potier himself who drove one of the three Mercedes Class A cars equipped with a fuel cell powered by hydrogen.

The company also presented its new hydrogen station, EDF electric terminal and provided information and answers for curious visitors.

A full report of the event with the thoughts of Air Liquide\\$quot;s CEO Potier of the hydrogen economy will be published in July\\$quot;s edition of gasworld. The event report also includes a reportage of Forum Bibendum and inside a hydrogen car.