Air Liquide Medical Systems has partnered with Hyundai Motor India to develop intensive care unit ventilators to support those affected by the coronavirus pandemic across India.

In the first phase of the project, the two companies are aiming to manufacture 1,000 ventilators, and then scale up subsequently. 

“As a company that engages in supporting the healthcare professionals and systems worldwide, we have initiated a prompt response towards the fight against COVID-19 in support of the Government of India,” said Anil Kumar, Managing Director of Air Liquide Medical Systems, India.

“We are confident that this collaboration with Hyundai Motor India will bring about a positive shift in this battle.”

For patients severely affected by the coronavirus, ventilators are critical to ensure continuous oxygen is supplied to overcome respiratory insufficiency.

“Ventilators and other respiratory aids are critical devices in the fight against COVID-19 and to this end, Hyundai and Air Liquide Medical Systems are working together to ensure a steady supply of ventilators in India,” said Seon Seob Kim, Managing Director and CEO of Hyundai Motor India. 

“As a socially responsible and caring brand, Hyundai is committed to serving society in every way and will continue to support the government in India’s war against COVID-19.”