Air Liquide has today announced the following changes to its Board of Directors as part of its 2019 annual financial results.

When Air Liquide’s Board of Directors met yesterday (10th February), it approved the audited financial statements for the 2019 fiscal year. The Statutory Auditors are in the process of issuing a report with an unqualified opinion.

The Board also approved the draft resolutions that will be submitted for a vote by the General Meeting on 5th May 5, concerning:

  • The proposed reappointment, for a four-year term, of Brian Gilvary, a member of the company’s Board of Directors since 2016 and a member of the Audit and Accounts Committee since 2017;
  • The proposed appointment, for a four-year term, of Anette Bronder and Kim-Ann Mink. Bronder will bring to the Board her strong digital expertise, as well as her experience of large international groups in the fields of IT and telecom. Mink will bring to the Board, in addition to her scientific academic background and her experience in research and innovation, her strong leadership skills and deep understanding of the chemical sector.

Pierre Dufour and Karen Katen’s terms of office expire at the close of the 2020 General Meeting and the Board thanks them for their considerable contribution to the work of the Board and its committees.

The Board said it wants to appoint Annette Winkler as a replacement for Dufour as Chairman of the Environment and Society Committee, Xavier Huillard as a member of the Appointments and Governance Committee as a replacement for Katen, and Brian Gilvary as a member of the Remuneration Committee as a replacement for Winkler, with effect from that date.

At the close of the General Meeting on 5th May, the Board of Directors would have 12 members, of whom 11 are elected and one is an employee director. The Board of Directors would include six women and six foreign members.

Finally, in accordance with the new provisions resulting from the PACTE law, the Board of Directors will submit for the vote of the General Meeting the elements of Benoît Potier’s remuneration for 2019, in his capacity as Chairman and CEO, together with the information relating to the remuneration for all the corporate officers.

The General Meeting will also be invited to decide upon the remuneration policy for the corporate officers which will apply to Benoît Potier and to the company’s directors.