Air Liquide America L.P. has announced price increases of around 30 percent for krypton and xenon gases, and the elimination of discounts for rare gases sold in the U.S.

These changes will be effective immediately as allowed by customer contracts. The company claim the changes are due to increased manufacturing and distribution costs in the US market. They also explain that these costs are related to both the growing demand, and tightening supply for these rare gases.

In a complimentary announcement released at the same time, Air Liquide Electronics U.S. L.P. said it will also need to increase prices up to 10 percent for its helium and helium containing products sold in the U.S. These increases will be effective immediately or according to the terms of customer contracts.

The company cited market conditions and economic factors such as increases in manufacturing and distribution costs, increased demand, and tightening worldwide helium supply as the reasons for the price hikes.