Air Liquide announce its recent successful bid for OBOGS (On Board Oxygen Generating System) to equip the European A400M transport aircraft. The company will present a range of OBOGS and inert gas generators at this year’s international Aeronautics and Spare Fair Paris in Le Bourget on the 13th –19th June.

The European A400M aircraft is a military transport aircraft, which is being developed by Airbus Military. The purpose of the aircraft is to renew the transport capacity of the various European air forces, especially within the scope of logistic support operations and for medical and humanitarian mission. The countries seek to develop joint capabilities in the field of military air transport and increase significantly their contribution to NATO and European Defence.

The countries involved in the project and the initial numbers of aircrafts ordered are:
United Kingdom (25)
Germany (60)
France (50)
Spain (27)
Turkey (10)
Belgium (8, including one on behalf of Luxembourg)

The first stage will be 180 units from 2007 onwards. The new Air Liquide OBOGS module will be twice as compact as current systems have been developed. The oxygen will ensure the protection and respiratory comfort of the crew. Compared to traditional aircraft storage solutions with a limited amount of oxygen, OBOGS will also improve the flexibility and availability of gas supply from this new equipment due to the oxygen being produced directly on board.

Commenting on winning the bid for OBOGS, François Darchis said, \\$quot;We are very pleased to be able to help a top sector like aeronautics and use our technological know-how to ensure personal safety.\\$quot;

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