Air Liquide has invited its shareholders to spend two days becoming better acquainted with the company, at the Actionaria exhibition on the 21st – 22nd November 2008.

These two days will include workshops on shareholding, interactive quizzes for the visitors to take part in and demonstrations on gases and the products the company offer.

The exhibition itself offers a unique opportunity for individual shareholders, active investors and newcomers to meet all members involved in stock exchange and on the 22nd November, Air Liquide will be hosting a meeting with the theme, ‘Hydrogen, energy of the future.’

The event is part of Air Liquide’s continued dedication to transparency, availability and communication of information that is integral to the relationship the company has with its 380,000 individual shareholders.

The company sees this relationship with the shareholders and their support as the basis for the company’s success, progress and development and is evidently keen to strengthen this rapport.