Last week the Ukraine played host to a presentation held to celebrate the beginning of the operating life of an ASU capable of producing 60 000 m3/hr oxygen. The equipment for the large facility was produced by the French company Air Liquide.

The presentation took place in the parquet hall of the Metallurgists' Palace at the Illich Metallurgical plant. A considerable French delegation was present at the meeting, including the ambassador of France to the Ukraine - Mr. Jan-Pol Vizyan.

About 140 participants took part in the presentation including leaders of metallurgical, chemical and oil-processing plants in the Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. They were greeted by Vladislav Klimanchuk, chief engineer of metallurgical plant and Irene Aripova, director of representative office of the Air Liquide company in Mariupol. Also attending were Claus Shmider - senior executive director of the Air Liquide company, Francois Darshi - senior vice-president of the company, Jan-Fransua Dushyle - commercial director, Daniel Gambo - Air Liquide's director in Europe, and managers of Air Liquide's representative office in the Ukraine.

During presentation it was repeatedly underlined, that during construction the French colleagues and workers of the metallurgical plant absolutely overcame the differences between the two nations's cultures and found business partners and friends. Also creating invaluable experience for both sides of close and salutary collaboration.

The Illich metallurgical plant is the first order Air Liquide has delivered for an ASU of such capacity in a CIS country. The new unit will have a perceptible effect on the amount of energy required in production, because, besides the necessary additional thousand cubic meters of high-standard oxygen, it will provide argon (a useful gas with a wide spectrum of applications), nitrogen (necessary for transporting of slack fuel into the metallurgical furnace), and also krypton-xenon and helium mixes.

The cost of equipment and building of this ASU is expected to be million dollars, but specialists expect an economic effect already.

Also this year Air Liquide company celebrates its 15 year anniversary of working in the Ukraine.