Air Liquide has completed another phase of an ambitious project to install a network of hydrogen (H2) fuelling stations in the state of California and throughout the Northeast states in the US.

This milestone coincides with National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day, which raises awareness for clean energy solutions that are available now.

Air Liquide brings state-of-the-art H2 fuelling throughout the Northeast, in Hempstead, NY; Providence, RI; Mansfield, MA and Hartford, CT. In 2014, the Tier One corporation had announced plans to develop and supply a fully-integrated H2 fuelling infrastructure in the Northeast US consisting of one filling and distribution center and twelve fuelling stations.

Air Liquide collaborated with Toyota on the project, to support the automaker’s market launch of new H2 Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles in the coming years, beginning with the new Toyota Mirai: a mid-size H2 fuel-cell car that is one of the first to go on sale to the general public.

Meanwhile, with the new H2 fuelling stations in Palo Alto and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), California, Air Liquide builds upon a number of stations already in place throughout the state, continuing the company’s efforts toward strengthening the fueling infrastructure for H2 vehicles.

H2 offers a number of benefits for clean transportation. Used in a fuel cell, it combines with the oxygen in the air to produce electricity, with water as the only byproduct. It does not generate any pollution at its point of use: zero greenhouse gases, zero particles and zero noise. H2 brings a concrete response to the challenges of sustainable mobility and local pollution in urban areas. It takes less than five minutes to recharge H2-powered electric vehicles for a driving range of around 600 kilometers.

Ole Hoefelmann, Vice-President, Hydrogen Energy, Americas at Air Liquide, said, “What better way to celebrate National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day than to unveil new fuelling stations, bringing the choice of cleaner transportation to drivers throughout the Northeast and California. We believe in a convenient, sustainable future of mobility, and this is an important step toward realising that goal.”


Source: Air Liquide