Air Liquide China and Sichuan China National Nuclear Guoxing Technology will together further develop the hydrogen energy industry chain in Southwest China as part of a new deal.

Leveraging the expertise of both companies, a joint venture will be founded in Ya’an City, Sichuan Province to create a ‘Hydrogen Energy Industry Ecosystem’.

The objective is to advance the production and logistics of renewable hydrogen, including the construction of a large-scale hydrogen production by water electrolysis with hydroelectricity, hydrogen liquefaction and an air separation unit.

Air Liquide will also collaborate with Sichuan China National Nuclear Guoxing Technology in the latter’s hydrogen refuelling Station rollout plan, in addition to joint research & revelopment in hydrogen technology and equipment manufacturing.

Wang Xi, Chairman of Sichuan China National Nuclear Guoxing Technology, said, “With abundant hydroelectric resources, local governments at different levels in Sichuan Province are dedicated to driving the development of the industry.”

“China National Nuclear Guoxing is also actively investing in the whole value chain. Leveraging Air Liquide’s expertise in gas management and operations, we will contribute to the renewable hydrogen energy industry of Sichuan.”

Nicolas Poirot, Air Liquide China President & CEO, commented, “We are delighted to cooperate with Sichuan China National Nuclear Guoxing Technology in the rollout of renewable hydrogen production, hydrogen storage & logistics system, as well as hydrogen refueling stations in Southwest China.” 

“We look forward to building an international innovation platform for hydrogen energy technology and contributing to the Chinese vision of carbon neutrality by 2060.”