Air Liquide China has said it will work with SEE Foundation to plant 10,000 saxaul trees in Alxa, Inner Mongolia, as part of its new CSR project Air Liquide Saxaul Forest.

The project was kickstarted yesterday (17th March) with a donation of RMB 1m yuan ($154,000) to support the tree planting that is expected to cover approximately 1.5 million square meters.

Air Liquide China has carried out its “Green Action” annual tree-planting campaign since 2009 and is now present in over 40 Chinese cities. 

In recent years, the local government of Inner Mongolia has encouraged planting trees in dry areas to combat desertification, boost biodiversity and improve living environment.

Adapted to harsh weather, Saxaul, also called Haloxylon, is often a first choice for forestation in the desert. They offer a natural habitat to the saxaul sparrow birds, and its roots host a type of herbal medicine which is of high medicinal and economic value.

Saxaul trees can absorb carbon dioxide, contributing to reduction of carbon emissions.

液化空气携手SEE基金会在阿拉善种植梭梭 Air Liquide partner with SEE Foundation to plant saxaul trees in Alxa

Source: Air Liquide China

Commenting on the effort, Nicolas Poirot, Air Liquide China President and CEO, said, “We are happy to partner with SEE Foundation to plant trees in Inner Mongolia to reduce carbon emissions and combat desertification.”

“Over the decades, China has been dedicated to forestation to mitigate air pollution and carbon emissions. With the fight against global climate change at the heart of Air Liquide strategy, we will continuously contribute to sustainability through our concrete climate actions.”

Zhang Li, Secretary-general of SEE Foundation, added, “We are glad to reach a consensus and establish cooperation with Air Liquide China in the field of desertification prevention and response to climate change.”

“SEE Foundation is committed to building a social protection platform on which enterprises, environmental protection organisations, and the public join together and take actions to alleviate and solve environmental problems. We will work with Air Liquide China to jointly promote environmental protection and sustainable development with concrete actions.”