Air Liquide China has held an open day for the public at two of its plants, with family members and external guests participating in the event yesterday.

The two Air Liquide plants opened to visitors were the Air Liquide Zhangjiagang plant (ALZJG) and the Electronic Materials Centre China (EMCC), each supplying high quality, safe, reliable and competitive products to its customers.

ALZJG mainly provides industrial gases to its key customer, ZPSS (Zhangjiagang Pohang Stainless Steel), while EMCC provides a number of electronic customers with electronic materials and value-added services.

A group of over 50 people, including Air Liquide China employees’ family members and external guests participated in the Air Liquide China Open to Public Day, an event which echoed the call of the Association of International Chemical Manufacturers (AICM) to promote its ‘Responsible Care’ initiative in China and convey a positive image of the chemical industry to the public.

Air Liquide China, as an advisory board member of the AICM, dedicates itself to the sustainability of both the business and local communities and in his welcome speech, Marcelo Fioranelli – Vice-President of Air Liquide Greater China – commented, “In reflection of AICM’s theme of ‘Chemistry Innovation for Smart Life’ this year, we especially designed this event to bring general public like you closer to the gas world.”

“Through today’s journey, you’ll not only get a general idea of how industrial gases are safely produced, stored and transported, but more importantly, you’re likely to be amazed by the ubiquitous presence of various gases in your daily life.”

Besides a tour around two Air Liquide plants in Zhangjiagang, the event was highlighted by several interactive games and activities, showing how largely invisible gases make industry and life better and smarter. Among them, a pair of virtual reality glasses displaying Air Liquide facilities and the machines allowing users to make sparkling water appeared to be most popular.

Some visitors also showed interests in the innovative medical solutions for patients such as insulin pumps and portable sleep monitoring devices.