Air Liquide has renewed its cooperation and research framework agreement with Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) for a period of five years.

Formalising the renewal on Monday (25th Oct), the industrial gas giant said such renewable will increase its collaboration with scientific ecosystems to help meet major industrial and societal challenges of the future.

The decision strengthens the original partnership signed in 2022, and the renewed partnership inked in 2013. Each of these deals focuses on topics such as additive manufacturing, production and valorisation of hydrogen, reuse of CO2, production of biogas and more.

In a statement, Air Liquide, said, “The signing of this cooperation and research agreement marks a new stage in this collaboration with the CNRS, a long-term partner of excellence.”

“This relationship based on trust, forged nearly 20 years ago, and renewed today, allows us to share the know-how and scientific knowledge essential to developing solutions to meet global challenges.”