Air Liquide has announced the start-up of a new hydrogen production unit to supply Esso Petrolera Argentina at its refinery located in Campana, 70km northwest of Buenos Aires.

The group invested more than €36m in the new Steam Methane Reformer plant, which will provide a safe, reliable and energy efficient source of hydrogen for the refinery and will be the largest stand alone hydrogen facility in Argentina.

The new source of hydrogen will enable Esso Petrolera Argentina to increase the production of automotive fuels to meet the growing needs of the country.

Michael J. Graff, Vice-President Americas and member of the Air Liquide’s Executive Committee, commented, “Air Liquide is proud to be able to support Esso Petrolera Argentina with yet another important investment in hydrogen production.”

“This new start-up illustrates our on-going commitment to support development in South America and to meet the growing needs of our customers. Energy and the Environment are growth drivers of the Air Liquide Group.”