The world leader in industrial and medical gases and related services has commissioned a carbon dioxide (CO2) plant in Swaziland.

According to Engineering News, a CO2 plant, consisting of a recovery circuit, and compression, purification and liquefaction modules, has been imported to the Royal Swazi Sugar Corporation, Swaziland.

The new plant, commissioned by Air Liquide, produces two tons of CO2 an hour, and will improve the reliability of supply to beverage customers in and around the area.

A key part of the plant is quality control; Air Liquide is monitoring the quality of the gas produced in real time, therefore eliminating the chance of contamination and guaranteeing fresh food and beverage products for its customers.

Air Liquide Managing Director Jonathan Madden said that the Swazi plant will add to the alleviation of the annual CO2 peak demand experienced in South Africa in the beverage industry over the summer period.

He also said that the new plant is in line with the company’s strategy to bring its supply capacities closer to customers, providing reduced exposure to transport risks and cost escalations, while improving reliability of supply from a multiple-source network.