Tier One corporation Air Liquide has commissioned the largest hydrogen (H2) storage facility in the world; an underground cavern in Beaumont, Texas.

The storage cavern, which is 1,500 metres deep and around 70 metres in diameter, can hold enough H2 to up back up a large-scale steam methane reformer (SMR) unit for 30 days.

The commissioning of the unique H2 storage cavern in Texas complements Air Liquide’s robust supply capabilities along the Gulf Coast and offers greater flexibility and reliable H2 supply solutions to customers via its extensive industrial gas pipeline system.

Michael Graff, Member of the Air Liquide group’s Executive Committee and Executive Vice-President for the Americas, underscored, “Air Liquide’s investment in the world’s largest H2 storage cavern is supported by the strength of the refining and petrochemicals markets along the US Gulf Coast and the rising demand for H2.”

“This unique facility positions us to deliver even greater value to customers through innovative solutions,” he added.

This new H2 cavern follows the Air Liquide’s commissioning of the world’s first pure helium (He) storage facility in Germany in July 2016. The cavity can hold all the He resources that the company requires for one year.