Air Liquide is offering green or low-carbon certified hydrogen to its customers through the CertifHy Guarantees of Origin (GO) platform.

A GO is an electronic document that certifies characteristics pertaining to the production of a product and its attribution to the end customer.

CertifHy launches green hydrogen Guarantees of Origin

Air Liquide has been producing low-carbon hydrogen for years. CertifHy will enable the French corporation to certify the origin and environmental attributes of this hydrogen, thereby meeting growing demand for traceability from customers with the same concerns.

By being actively involved in the creation of this new GO, Air Liquide aims to encourage the development and consumption of carbon-free hydrogen while providing full transparency on its origin and method of production.

GO schemes guaranteeing the origin of green energy and biomethane already exist around Europe. For hydrogen, there are now two types of labels:

  • CertifHy Green Hydrogen, if it is low-carbon and produced using renewable energies (biomass, hydraulic, wind, solar);
  • CertifHy Low-Carbon Hydrogen, if it is produced using non-renewable energies and with a low-carbon impact (60% lower than a conventional production process of reforming natural gas).

Developed with more than a hundred partners, using a consensus-based approach, CertifHy is currently in the pilot phase and the first series of Guarantees of Origin have already been issued.

As part of this test, four production sites in Europe are currently able to produce certified hydrogen, including Air Liquide’s site in Port-Jérôme-sur-Seine (Normandy, France) where the company produces low-carbon hydrogen from steam methane reforming while capturing part of the emitted CO2.

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