Every year, “la Fête des sciences” permits a very young member of the public to spend a week becoming familiar with science. This year, the focus is on Europe with scientists from across the continent attending.

Air Liquide, a market leader in industrial and medical gases, is involved in this event. The company’s experts, who are continually involved in the innovation of solutions for the preservation of life and the environment, will present the group’s progress in the area of reducing greenhouse gases, particularly oxycombustion technologies that enable the capture and storage of CO2 in the subsoil and from exhaust gas after combustion.

According to the company, these technologies are particularly adapted to reducing emissions in power plants and are currently being tested by Air Liquide on several pilot sites in Europe and America.

Air Liquide and its high-tech activities will also be represented through developments concerning Planck, the satellite that will be launched in the near future to explore the limits of the universe.

Air Liquide will be exhibiting at the Grand Palais, Paris (France), November 14th - 16th at the following:

 The Observatory of CO2 tamed – Booth 2, Place de l’Europe, in partnership with Total, the IFP and the BRGM
 The Maternity of Universe – Booth 20, Place de la Lune, in partnership with the CNRS, the INSU and the IN2P3