Air Liquide has selected Medallia to support its customer-centric transformation strategy.

Medallia Experience Cloud empowers Air Liquide to understand customer feedback in real-time by providing deep data analytics that show a 360-degree view of the customer. Employees from the front line to the executive suite rely on both the desktop and mobile versions of Medallia Experience Cloud to listen to the voice of the customer.

Air Liquide has already successfully completed a pilot project across three countries in Europe – Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg—and will roll out to an additional 20 countries in the coming months for the next phase of the implementation.

Rich Jahr, Chief Customer Officer, Air Liquide, said, “As a truly international company, with operations in more than 80 countries, we recognise that the customer experience within the B2C world has begun to drive that experience within the industrial B2B world too.”

“We are now able to absorb customer feedback quickly, enabling us to shift, alter and adapt our approaches. The Medallia Experience Cloud platform is one of our key tools in our Customer Centric Transformation strategy.” He continued.

Medallia was chosen for its international footprint, robust mobile app, and cost-competitive technical platform.

Borge Hald, CEO and Co-Founder, Medallia, said, “We are honoured to partner with Air Liquide to bring the voice of the customer into every operation within the organisation.” He continued, “Air Liquide continues to succeed by focusing on customer-centric innovation to create long-term value for customers.”

Top executives at Air Liquide are frequent users of Medallia Voices™, which provides a quick pulse of information on customer feedback, on everything from accurate invoices to timely deliveries. This app provides data in real-time with headlines that empower executives to improve their focus on the customer experience at all levels of the organisation.

By listening to the voice of the customer, Air Liquide aims to empower all 67,000 employees to understand and act on customer feedback. Following the next phase of implementation to an additional 20 countries in 2018, Air Liquide will be well on its way to incorporating Medallia Experience Cloud throughout its entire organisation.