The Pierre Faurre Prize, which has been awarded by the Polytechnique Foundation since 2002, has been awarded to Air Liquide’s Director of HR Recruitment and Development, Simona Cristea-Floris.

The prize honours a young Polytechnician whose early years in the industry demonstrate a combination of technical expertise, management skills and international success.

In light of that, Simona Cristea-Floris, 35 and of dual Romanian and French nationality, is the 2009 winner of the Pierre Faurre Prize.

Born in 1974 in Romania, Simona Cristea-Floris, a Physics graduate, arrived in France in 1997 to further her education at the Ecole Polytechnique.

She joined Air Liquide in 1999 as part of an MBA at the Collège des Ingénieurs, to then be hired as the Marketing Manager for a newly created subsidiary of the group. Cristea-Floris then went on to become Business Developer for gas services within Industrial Gases and Services France.

In 2004, she took up the position of Project Manager within Air Liquide Engineering, where she managed construction projects for Air Separation Units (ASU) from their conception and design to their assembly and commissioning. Today, Simona Cristea-Floris is Director of the HR Recruitment and Development Programs and in this capacity, is in charge of the nomination process and the career developments of the group’s International Technical Experts.

Awarded at the close of the Enterprise Forum by Thierry Desmarest, President of the Polytechnique Foundation, the Pierre Faurre Prize honours the managerial skills and competence of this young engineer and notably her ability to bring together the expertise and resources required to ensure the success of complex, technological projects in a multicultural environment.