Air Liquide Tunisie has announced the start-up of a new 70 tpd merchant liquid ASU at its site within the Borj Cédria industrial state, south of Tunis, capital of Tunisia.

The new plant, which is located adjacent to an existing, older ASU, effectively doubles the available oxygen and nitrogen capacity.

There are also reportedly CO2, nitrous oxide and H2 production units at the site, an Air Liquide press release explains.

The new capacity allows Air Liquide Tunisie to better respond to growing demand amongst its customers, which are found across a wide range of sectors (including agriculture, food, manufacturing, automotive and electronics). In addition, the new plant will also be able to cater for industrial gas needs in neigbouring countries.

Air Liquide Tunisie is also starting-up a new special gas filling facility that will be able to provide both special and Ultra-High-Purity (UHP) gases to laboratory and analytical customers throughout North Africa (including Egypt).

The new facility demonstrates Air Liquide’s willingess to deploy high-tech solutions to customers requiring a timely yet high quality response. The two new developments are thought to represent a total investment of 1.5 million Dinars (more than €10m).

An Air Liquide statement explained, “These two major investments reinforce Air Liquide’s leading position within the industrial and medical gas sector in the country and demonstrates Air Liquide Group’s commitment to Tunisia, which is a country with strong economic growth potential.”

* News release translated from French language to English language *