Air Liquide Electronics US has announced that it has beaten the safety milestone of three million man-hours of work without a recordable lost time incident.

According to the company one of Air Liquide Electronics\\$quot; unique methods of advancing safety is to be diligent in recording and critically analyzing near miss incidents to improve its overall safety practices. This has had a measurable effect on the business\\$quot; ability to operate more safely.

Air Liquide Electronics and other Air Liquide businesses world-wide are to further sharpen their safety practices with the implementation of newly enhanced operational and quality procedural standards known throughout the company as Industrial Management System (IMS) and Quality Management System (QMS).

Meaningful safety practices

Rich Jahr, president of the subsidiary, said: \\$quot;It\\$quot;s a difficult yet essential challenge to look into an organisation and establish meaningful safety practices, but the commitment to safety is the priority of Air Liquide and one that is embedded into the culture of how each of us work \\$quot;“ our customers are the ultimate beneficiaries of these efforts.\\$quot;

He continued: \\$quot;Maintaining the highest regard for safety while managing numerous assets can be daunting. Air Liquide Electronics has over 550 employees and is responsible for assets across dozens of company and customer facilities throughout the country.

\\$quot;The business must not only ensure production and delivery of the highest purity products to customers, but the mere nature of many of its operations requires careful and meticulous attention to detail and safety. The fact that most of Air Liquide Electronics\\$quot; operations have never experienced a lost time incident goes to further accentuate its pervasive culture of safety.